LEGO Invests 212 Million euro’s in Britisch Windpark

wind mill park at the North Sea

Wind Park at the North Sea

Together with the Danish pension fund PKA, toy manufacturer LEGO invests 212 Million euro’s in a British wind park.

The wind park will be built with a capacity of 258 megawatts.


This is reported Dong Energy, the owner of the wind farm. It involves a Burbo Bank Extension project at the Liverpool coast. Lego and PKA share 50 percent. In total, 660 million pounds (849 million euros) will be invested in the wind farm. So Lego and PKA each invest about 165 million pounds (212 million euros).


Dong is expected to deliver the project in the first half year of 2017. Once operational, the 32 wind turbines (each providing a capacity of 8 megawatts) will supply as much power as 230,000 households consume in a year.

LEGO goal 2020: 100% renewables

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President and Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO Group comments:

”In the LEGO Group, we want to make a positive impact on the planet children will inherit. Our main contribution to society is our creative play experiences and their contribution to children’s learning and development. Today, I am proud and literally energised to celebrate that the wind farm now generates renewable energy.

It is a substantial step towards our 2020 goal, to be 100% balanced by renewable energy.

We will reach this by focusing on our energy efficiency, which has improved by more than 20% in the last five years and by investing in renewable energy. These combined efforts mean that by 2020 we will produce more renewable energy than we use to manufacture the billions of LEGO bricks children all over the world love to play with.”

DONG: 33% offshore wind capacity

DONG Energy Wind Power develops, builds and operates wind farms. The company has built more than one third of the total offshore wind capacity in the market, which is more than any other company worldwide.

This capacity is equivalent to an ability to supply five million Europeans with clean electricity.

By 2020, DONG Energy aims to have quadrupled our installed capacity compared with 2012. The installed capacity in 2020 is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 16 million Europeans.

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