Let’s clean up the Oceans with this SeaBin


The rubbish bin, designed to float in marinas, inland waterways, residential lakes and harbors, catches floating debris and liquids by sucking water from the surface and letting if flow out through the bottom of the structure, trapping waste in a catch bag.

Do you love your boat? And do you want to clean up the water in the harbor? This is what we have for you. This genius bucket can suck garbage right out of the ocean.

It’s called the SeaBin and it works just like a fish tank filter. Let’s get rid of the plastic soup.

Plastic soup

The bucket connects to a water pump sucking all trash, oil, and other waste into a removable mesh bag. The pump then spits clean seawater back into the ocean.

It works 24/7 and it’s safe for fish and other ocean life as well. Two Australian surfers quit their day jobs. And spent 10 years perfecting the prototype.

About the SeaBin

The SeaBn isn’t big or bulky and can fit into the problem corners of marinas without being obtrusive or taking up dock space for boats. The waste in the SeaBin is collected easily and disposed of responsibly in the already establish waste disposal system of the marina.

We also have the option to fit an oil/water separator to the system.

  • The SeaBin is located in the water and is fixed to a floating dock. There is a shore based water pump on the dock running on shore power.
  • The water pump creates a flow of water into the bin bringing with it all floating rubbish and debris. The rubbish/debris is caught in a natural fibre catch bag and the water is then sucked out the bottom of the bin and up to the water pump where it is then pumped back into the marina.

Prototype into production

The designers have even used plastics caught in their first SeaBin to create another waste collector. The prototype is into production.

The product development is going well with our French industrial partner Poralu Marine and we expect pre production Seabins around the end of 2016 for our pilot partners to trial exclusively for a set period of time before serial production starts.The final serial production Seabins will be available beginning of 2017 for distribution. Our partner Poralu Marine will be the exclusive distributor.


Peter Ceglinski

We are open to expressions of interest for investors, agents and distributors. Send us an email with your details and Cv and we see what we can do. Email is pete@seabinproject.com




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