LSP fits global energy demands

LSP fits world energy demands

Using robots to lay down concrete made from moon soil around the entirety of the moon’s equator — 400 km wide by 11,000 km long — the power generated through the solar array would then be transferred along power cables to microwave power transmission antennas which would then beam the electricity to receiving stations located around the Pacific Rim.

LSP – Lunar Solar Power – can provide an unlimited power supply sent back to the earth in microwaves.

Why are international politicians the big holdout on this unlimited green power resource?

Could it be because the oil industry keeps paying off all the politicians?

LSP unlimited green energy

Imagine your and anybody else’s children and grandchildren not only surviving but thriving in the next 100 years and beyond. A gift to them that would stop and reverse most of the environmental problems we have created the past 200 years.

LSP was developed in the 80’s. This new thinking of clean power generation can provide us with an abundance of cheap clean energy.

NASA was researching building solar panel satellites on earth and stationing them in orbit to provide clean energy and was about to abandon this project because of the high cost, until they discovered they had a free satellite with most of the production material for solar panels available on this satellite called the Moon.


Known as LSP it is Lunar Solar Power. You will be able to envision a peaceful world revolution.

The Luna Ring: Electric power generated by a belt of solar cells around the lunar equator could be transmitted and beamed to the Earth from the near side of the Moon.

What about financing the project?

One year’s budget of the US department of  Defense (War) could make this happen. But maybe this is supposed to be a United Nation project.

Ad de Jong, member of the Lunar Solar Power organization in Houston Texas:

“After the initial start-up cost, it would be self-financing and will result in energy prices at 1/10th of present energy costs, providing electricity to every corner of the world. Local production of goods will increase because there will be a level playing field as a result of affordable energy available to everyone.

24/7 World Wide

The Luna Ring could achieve 24/7 continuous clean energy generation, potentially ending our reliance on limited natural resources. Generating power from solar panels in space can be considerably more effective than terrestrial applications which are limited by long periods of darkness during night time.

A space-based system in continuous sunlight essentially doubles the total power generated on Earth in the same 24 hour period.

No one in the media is talking about this solution because it does not involve restricting the majority of us of having more, do more, travel more, increase our standard of living. So a minority can monopolize a so called “scarce commodity” energy.


Imagine oil at less than $5 a barrel and nobody wants it!!!!! And it will be outlawed for energy production.

Imagine no more energy/oil wars, stopping and reversing climate change, enough water for the world, dried up financing (oil) for terrorist organizations, resolving world poverty and most any positive energy related concept  you can think of.



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Are you one of those people that think your children are going to be worse off  than you have been, well here is your chance to turn this around, support LSP and start talking about Lunar Solar Power



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