Mars presents Bio-Wrapper

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Mars introduces a wrap based on potatoes. The bio-wrap needs to be tested and scaled up the next years.

Mars has presented a bio-based wrapper.

The wrapper is developed and produced with Rodenburg Biopolymers.

Mars has been anchoring environmental thinking in its ambition, says Environmental Coordinator at Mars Netherlands mr. Hein Mous.

Sustainability in a Generation

The family business has introduced the SIG program (Sustainability in a Generation). Within this program Mars will try to reduce it’s footprint by saving on energy, water and methods to reduce the CO2. They also are investigating new packages based on biopolymers.

Since 2013 the company set up two pilots:

  1. A wrap fully based on biopolymers out of wastewater. This process has not yet been developed, says Mars
  2. A wrap based on potatoes (by-product in the potato industry, ed.) has been finished. The bio-wrap needs to be tested and scaled up the next years.

Mars will test whether the bio-wrapper passes the production process. The material should be strong enough to be printed at high speed, processed into packaging. The concept has been finished. Comprehensive test will prove wether the bio-wrap is suitable and market ready.


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