Matt Damon: Ambassador For Water

Matt Damon, World Economic Forum, Climate Change, Global issues, milieu activist, sustainable

Matt Damon has been speaking with world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos (early 2015)

Matt Damon  has chosen to tackle the ultimate global threat: clean drinking water. Global water sanitation is a huge problem but there are a lot of proven solutions for it.

On his travels in developing countries, he realized that practical solutions already existed. But they need more attention. That’s why he started in 2009. provides innovative, market-based solutions that change lives every day through safe water and sanitation in developing countries.

Damon is a father of 4 daughters. He recognizes the huge issues for women and girls in areas with water stress.

Girls in many countries often have to leave school to go and find water and it ends up having a huge impact on the quality of their lives, he says.

With women and children spending 140 million hours a day collecting water and a child dying every minute somewhere from a water-related disease, there wasn’t a minute to spare. wants to engage local communities with smart solutions because: “all solutions are local and you need to engage the locals to make it effective.”




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