McDonald’s eliminates deforestation

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Before: Of the ten companies, only four had palm oil commitments, and of those only two, McDonald’s and Subway, had strong enough policies to receive scores.

About 223,000 involved people have protested against the deforestation strategy of MacDonald’s.

And it worked! They have seen the light.

McDonald’s just released a new commitment to eliminate deforestation from its global supply chains. 

The company will start by releasing action plans for five priority products:

  1. palm oil
  2. beef
  3. fiber-based packaging
  4. coffee
  5. poultry


Adopt stronger standards

There are still some action points missing in the new strategy. Hopefully McDonald’s is willing to implement these bulletpoints in it’s plans.

  • A commitment to source palm oil only from suppliers whose entire operations meet McDonald’s deforestation commitment principles and practices
  • An ambitious time-bound target for supplier compliance
  • Mechanisms for verification of origin of raw materials down to the palm oil plantation level

If McDonald’s includes these points, it can set an industry-leading standard for the sourcing of deforestation-free ingredients.

This is a tremendous step forward for the climate, tropical forests, and endangered species.



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