Microsoft saves energy with cloud storage under water

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Microsoft stores the data in a water proof container

Saving data in the deep sea can save energy. This is Microsofts conclusion after an experiment of three months with a data center in a container at sea.

The new Microsoft data center near the Scottish coast will be used for 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of storage. The IT company is investigating whether cooling by seawater offers a solution for reducing energy consumption.
The data center, equivalent to 300 PCs was put in a steel capsule and placed in the sea.

The knowledge gained from the experiment could help make data centers more sustainable in the future, while at the same time speeding data transmission and cloud deployment. And yes, maybe even someday, data centers could Become commonplace in seas around the world.

More and more data is stored in the cloud. That means that those computers that contain data, consume more and more energy. Because the data centers to be placed under water, energy can be saved needed for cooling the computers. The idea is that the underwater data centers, can run for five years without maintenance and can last up to twenty years.

Not impressed

Arnoud Vermeer LeaseWeb late to the CSS do not really know to be impressed with the idea. He thinks it is ‘impractical’. In addition, Vermeer notes, there are other cooling methods. “Facebook for example, has bought a data center near a fjord in Sweden. The cold water that comes from there they can be used immediately.

I certainly believe that there will be innovative cooling methods, but Microsoft’s method doesn’t really impress me

By the way, Google has been using seawater to cool data centers as well. Several years ago, the search giant has built  floating data centers.


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