Modi promises the river Ganges will be clean in five years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the sacred river would be clean in five years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the sacred river would be clean in five years

One of the first public gestures that India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi made on his election was a visit to Varanasi along the Ganges, India’s most famous and most threatened river.


As millions watched on television, Modi promised the sacred river ‘Mother Ganges’ would be clean in five years.

Modi about Mother Ganga

“Mother Ganga,” Modi solemnly declared on the banks of the river where Hindu pilgrims believe a dip washes away sins, “needs someone to take her out of this dirt and she’s chosen me to do the work.”

The Ganges is no ordinary river. It originates pristine from a Himalayan glacier 3,048 meters (10,000 feet) high, worshiped as a goddess, reverently called mother. Yet raw sewage from 29 cities blights its 2,525-kilometer (1,570-mile) route as bloated bodies of dead animals, funeral pyre ashes, reduced flow from dams and factory waste fouls its waters.

What steps have been taken so far by the Modi government for the cleaning of River Ganga?

  • Special WaterWheel technology for cleaning Ganga
    Machines deployed on 4 cities allahabad, Kanpur , Patna, Varanshi. Govt approve same things for 118 cities.
  • Ganga Grams
    • Development of Ganga grams in which facilities like community bio-toilet, liquid waste treatment, organic farming are planned. An approval for 166 Ganga grams has already been accorded.
  • Monitoring of Water
    • Real time monitoring of water quality at specific locations along river Ganga in association with CPCB has been taken up. CPCB has installed six on line monitoring centres and further completed tender process for 33 stations.
  • Rural sanitation facility in identified 1657 Gram Panchayats along river Ganga
  • Development of model dhobi ghats, public amenities in char Dham Yatra and Ganga Sagar, conservation of diversity of Gangetic aquatic life are also being taken up
  • Forest Research Institute (FRI) has prepared a DPR amounting to Rs 1600 Cr for taking up comprehensive afforestation.
  • Low Cost Sanitation (LCS) at community and individual levels at identified locations,
  • Installation of Crematoria (electric as well as wood based improved crematoria),
  • River Front Development (RFD) including bathing ghats, Afforestation, protecting bio-diversity and creating Public awareness and participation.


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