Watch This New Modular, Circular CrossOver

Watch This New Modular, Circular CrossOver

Surprisingly this circular, modular crossover seems to be cheaper than other crossover constructions

In 2018 VolkerWessels will start building the construction of a modular, circular crossover consisting recycled materials and reusable elements.

This beautiful infrastructural project has been designed by VolkerWessels division Van Hattum & Blankevoort contributing the Dutch aim to be a 100% circular economy in 2050.

The Dutch government formulated the circular 2050 goals for five economic sectors. These sectors have to use only sustainable, renewable or widely available raw materials and minimize waste. Constructions is one of the five sectors. That’s why the government did give ‘the Go’ for this ambitious project.

Multi Functional

The crossover has been designed for multiple purposes according to the principles of the emerging circular economy. Because the construction is modular, it can easily be dismantled. For example, the parts are connected with steel. But if the crossover is no longer necessary, it is easy to dismantle and use the elements for a building.

The mondular construction makes the design ‘infinitely usable’, according to VolkerWessels. Even if the crossover needs to be repaired or strenghtened, we can build easier with separate parts compared to a normal crossover.

The modular, circular way of building can be used for crossovers for heavy traffic, but can also as an access road in a residential area for cars and cyclists.


Until now, end of live infrastructural constructions are completely destroyed. The concrete is “crushed” into concrete granulate. 10% of the granulate can be mixed in new concrete following the Dutch laws and regulations. 90% of the materials is being used as foundation beneath road surfaces. This is downgrading and a waste of raw materials.

If you can reuse elements ‘as is’, it will save energy, productions costs, carbon and raw materials.

Crossover is cost effective

VolkerWessels did make calculations and was surprized that this circular, modular crossover seems to be cheaper than the usual crossovers. The crossover will mainly be developed with recycled materials.


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