More than 11 billion people by 2100

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The world population is growing, not slowing

Before 2100, the world will count 11 billion! people. According to the most recent United Nations estimates, the human population of the world is expected to reach 8 billion people in the spring of 2024. (7 Billion on October 31, 2011)

United Nations Populations Division reported these figures. Despite the expected growth, there is a 23% chance that the population stops before the end of the century, UN says.

Water shortage India

3.5 million people in Delhi have shortage of clean drinking water

Africa and Azia

The UN expects the growth will increase especially in Africa. The continent has 1.2 billion people. By the end of the century the UN expects a growth to 3.4 – 5.6 billion. Asia will be first to experience growth. From 4.4 billion to 5.3 billion in 2050. But this continent is expected to decrease to 4.9 billion people by the end of the century.


By 2100, eighty percent of the world’s population will be in Africa and Asia. The big question is: will there be resources enough to sustain them?

Climate change, urbanization, population growth and higher water consumption per capita, including agriculture is an increasing problem for the world. Clean water supply is getting more urgent. And this will be a major issue including wars. Doing nothing is no option. That is why we made a special ‘Designing sustainable infrastructure to meet the water demand of future generations‘ 


But of course, we have to solve a lot of other problems. All connected one way or another with a lack of raw materials like energy, That’s why we made dossiers, collecting a lot of new technologies and solutions to solve a few of the regional problems we are facing now, and in future

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