MWM featuring: the real Hans Brinkers of the world: you, you & you!

Flood risk: Hansje Brinker (Netherlands) plugged with his finger a leak in a dike.

Flood risk: Hansje Brinker (Netherlands) plugged with his finger a leak in a dike.

A world-famous story about The Netherlands and water management is about a boy who plugged with his finger a leak in a dike. Indeed; Hans Brinker. Well, here is probably news for you: Hans Brinker never existed.

The story is folklore, especially for people outside The Netherlands.

Amongst themselves the Dutch don’t tell fairytales about water management, that serious is the subject for my fellow country(wo)men and me. One mistake and half of our nation is swallowed by sea and rivers. Knowing this, it wouldn’t surprise you that water management, for the Dutch, is something for professionals. Until…

Meet the simple ingenuity of the Dutch company Mobile Water Management (MWM)

A smartness comparable with the paperclip, maybe even smarter because MWM’s resources are nowadays for everyone to obtain: a smartphone.

data, monitoring water levels and quality by app

online monitoring water levels and quality for the community – by app

MWM offers an App which:

Monitors water levels, waterflows and water quality, and it tracks ground water levels. Also this App connects you in real-time and on the spot to your Water Information System-database in the Cloud. The MWM-App communicates with all existing WIS-databases. (If needed MWM provides a format of such a database too.)

So, what do we have?

No paperwork, no transcription errors, no special equipment, instant integration with regulations, one-click operations and always-to-be-seen and limitless comparable data in nice graphics. On screen, to print or to use in digital reports. Welcome to all Hans Brinkers of this world. MWM’s outdoor water management is so easy, a child can do it. For real even, because one subscription is valid for a limitless amount of smartphones; the ultimate crowdsource device to commit inhabitants monitoring their living grounds and water reserves.

More info:

Mobile water management revolutionary monitoring method

1. Hardware Requirements

  • Camera: required resolution: minimal 5MP (megapixels), recommended:8MP
  • GPS receiver: required
  • Tilt sensor and compass/magnetic heading sensor: required
  • Local storage requirements: none

2. Software Requirements:

  • iOS/Apple, version 6.0 or higher
  • Android, version 3 or higher

3. Network access

  • Internet: 2G or faster (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI)
  • Offline buffering allows for taking photo’s without internet connection
Hajo Heusinkveld, Mobile Water Management, Delft, The Netherlands

Hajo Heusinkveld, Mobile Water Management, Delft, The Netherlands


Mobile Water Management / TU Delft
Contact person: Hajo Heusinkveld



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