My own EcoHouse

ecohouseAn absurdly comfortable EcoHouse which will produce enough energy of its own. A comfortable house, like you lay down in your bed, firmly tucked in a blanket, and still can move freely at the same time.

This was the idea of the EcoHouse of Jasper Jobse. Next year he will build his house in the new eco-neighborhood in Arnhem.

The Red Staircase EcoHouse

More and more people dream of their own house, full filling all their needs. A house of your own design on a beautiful spot. So were Jasper and Judy. And then suddenly a new project was launched in Arnhem (from the World War II movie ‘ A bridge too far’ – operation Market Garden), an eco-district with beautiful views and very quiet.

After an information evening they decided to go for it. That same weekend, they made the requested plan for the ‘Red Staircase House’, a bio-based house that fits into the landscape.

Candles are enough to heat the house

Trained as a mechanical engineer Jasper tell us that the architectural principles are simple. For the insulation, you need 30-40 cm thick walls. He combined it with the principle that a spherical shape is the best way to insulate. It prevents hardly any heat loses. Therefore, the design is somewhat round in shape.

If you light two candles in every room, it should be comfortable warm.

The sun

In addition, the front of the house catches lots of sun. The large windows will heat the house, so there will be hardly any need to invoke the district heating. Furthermore, the entire shell of the house will be insulated with cellulose consisting of recycled newspapers that are made flameproof with salt.

There are a few basic principles for an EcoHouse. “For us that ecological, detached, a great view and silence. We never expected that we would find this in Arnhem but we expect to start building in 2018. This will be our own Eco home.


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