Netherlands Leading Role in EU Energy Market?

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Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy ‘supergrid’

Building on its strengths, the Netherlands, has an unique position to play a pivotal role in the Europe Energy market.

Why? Because of its physical infrastructure, geographical location, its strong business acumen and scientific strengths.

The University Delft has made a model for the Netherlands, how to take the leading role in the European Energy Market.

The core is an integrated and most flexible system, visualized in the plan as a “diamond”. In future, energy conversion and storage should be a strategic bridge between a fluctuating supply of energy and a fluctuating demand. This will supply users in northwest Europe the desired amount and form of energy, at any time. Various energy and carbon sources have to be converted into one another, depending on supply and demand.

The energy system is complex. It is a market with many different energy sources, storage and conversion methods. That’s why the EU market needs future directing.

The country which can convert energy with high efficiency, can store and transport it, will take the lead. Conversion, storage, transportation and system integration will be key systems.


Netherlands as energy center

With future conversion, storage and transportation techniques the Dutch can supply parts of Europe with too much energy, to parts where is currently a shortage at all times.

Tim van der Hagen, initiator of the Technology Plan and dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University Delft;

With great infrastructure, Europe will get solar energy from southern Europe, hydropower from Scandinavia and the Alps, wind from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Northern Germany and nuclear power from France. Such a complex integrated system requires a leading role. The Netherlands can fulfill the director’s role. In fact, we just need to keep doing what we do best.”

The Technology Plan

The Technology Plan is an initiative of TU Delft and with input from a large number of Delft scientists and various stakeholders in the energy sector established in the Netherlands. The Technology Plan can be read as a starting point for further developments.



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