New: Carbon absorbing stone

Carbon absorbing stone

Green Construction Works! this is the carbon absorbing stone

This new stone is absorbing carbon during the production process. The ‘Compensatiesteen’ (Compensation Stone) is a spectacular revolution for the constructions industry.

Healthy buildings

Building a house and save 5000 kg carbon is possible thanks to the use of innovative building blocks. This so-called Compensation Stone – developed by The RuwBouw Group – contains sand, granules and a binder.

CO2 is bound with a binder to create a new, hard stone-like building material. According to De RuwBouw Groep, the compensation stone is extremely durable. It’s an industrial product and, moreover, affordable and easy to use, using traditional processing methods. During the production proces of the Compensation Stone, CO2 has been used instead of produced! In total, it is about 250 kg / m³.

Compensation stone is tight and edgy in shape with a gray color. The blocks have a smooth surface and can be provided with a slanted side. The stones have a profile on the front sides and a hollow / dol profile at the top and bottom.

(Non)bearing walls

Compensation stone is provisionally available for non-bearing walls. The RuwBouw Group expects that constructive applications will be available by the end of 2017. The blocks are easy to cut to length with the usual stone-cutting materials. The RuwBouw Group has developed a special low carbon glue mortar. This mortar has a similar color as the stone is available in 25kg waterproof PE bags. The mortar properties are tailored to the material properties of the Compensation Stone and tested for their smoothness, adhesion, density, etc.

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RuwBouw Groep, Netherlands


E. Ben Kruseman

Ph. +31 341 464 000


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