NEW: clean ‘battery’ Hydrogen Storage Solution

 hydrogen storage solutionEnergyH Project started an Indigogo campaign to raise funding for their Hydrogen storage solution.

They are convinced that Hydrogen is THE clean energy solution and their solution to store this renewable energy.

They need you to join by donating. EnergyH is a non-profit scientific project to leap the hydrogen storage gap for a bright energy future.

Hydrogen Storage Solution video


As they say: “Hydrogen is the ultimate energy carrier because:

  • it’s an unlimited clean source of energy, with pure water being the only emission
  • it’s a fuel that when used produces its own feedstock, i.e. water
  • It’s universally available

The remaining challenge is the storage of hydrogen in a compact form. And this gap is solved by the team of EnergyH

new energy, renewables, hydrogen storage solutionHydrogen storage materials can store sufficient energy in a compact and safe manner to replace petrol in cars, and effectively store energy to compensate the variability of electricity generation from solar and wind.  

The team needs to further decrease the temperature for hydrogen uptake and release so the materials can be used for a wide range of applications. Help them to continue with R&D.

  1. Donate or take the EnergyH “Pop Balloons Challenge”.  For this option follow the link

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