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  1. Miguel Coronas says:


    I’m an architect in US, California very interested in your energy solutions for buildings, at the moment Ridge Wind Turbines is one.

    Could you direct me to a representative here or other resources to find out more about how to implement these solutions in several b uildings I currently have in progress?

    Thank you.

  2. support says:

    Here you go Miquel

    RidgeBlade has been developed by the ex Rolls Royce engeneer Brit Dean Gregory
    Toll-Free: 888-550-0001
    Innovation Park
    945 Princess St, Suite 112.
    Kingston, ON K7L 0E9

  3. Paul Gaiser says:

    Dear Managing Team,
    Congratulations for you very nice web page. It will help many people to discover that lots of good solutions for planet Earth issues already exist.
    Keep going!
    Best regards,

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