New York gets free internet

New York is sustainable, recycling phone cells into wifi hotsports

New York is sustainable, recycling phone cells into wi-fi hotsports

New York recyles old phone cells into wi-fi hotspots.

Who ever was in New York, knows that there is no city in the world with so many (modest) phones. Most of them are now useless. Almost, because while – as a result of Hurricane Sandy – almost all communication failed by the power outage, the phones were working.

Now, New York will give 11,000 cells a new life: becoming Wi-Fi hotspots. Mayor De Blasio plans to equip each cell with a wifi modem with a range of 35 meters. Enough around the cell to have internet and too little to transverse to commercial providers.


The plan will cost nothing if New York succeeds in assigning partners who will use the cells for advertising. Maybe other cities around the world could follow this great plan?

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