Norway climate neutral 2030

Norway plans carbon neutral by 2030

Lawmakers have voted for Norway, a major energy-producing nation, to become carbon-neutral by 2030, two decades ahead of schedule, as a result of the UN’s December 2015 climate accord.

Norway wants to become climate neutral by 2030. The Norwegan Parliament approved radical proposals to cut carbon emissions. This new Norwegan goal is set 20 years earlier than planned. 

Last tuesday night, the parliament voted for an accelerated programme of CO2 cuts and carbon trading to offset emissions from sectors such as Norway’s oil and gas industries, which are unlikely to be phased out in the near future.

Ambitious emissions reductions

The minority government’s ruling Progress and Conservative parties withdrew their support for the motion at the last minute. But their argument, that ambitious emissions reductions now could interfere with future climate negotiations, was roundly defeated.

Rasmus Hansson, the leader of the Norwegian Green party in parliament, said: “This is a direct response to the commitments Norway took on by ratifying the Paris agreement and means that we will have to step up our climate action dramatically. ‘2050’ is science fiction. ‘2030’ is closer to us now than the year 2000.”

Norway promisses

The first thing to emphasise is that nobody expects Norway to achieve this through domestic measures.

  • The hydropower resources mean the country’s electricity supply – usually the first target for climate policy – is already virtually fossil free.
  • The flagship policy is to electrify road transport. Widely reported as a ‘ban’ on sales of fossil fuelled cars from 2025
  • Other options include capturing and storing emissions from cement production, ramping up biofuels and using bio char in steelworks.Even the most ambitious package suggested by the Norwegian Environment Agency in a recent paper would only reduce emissions 31% from 1990 levels by 2030. That leaves at least 36 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent to offset
  • So Norway emits around 53m tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year and the climate minister, Vidar Helgesen, told parliament that he wanted to offset this, by paying other nations to cut their emissions under carbon trading schemes which expire in 2020.
    Although Norway is outside the EU, it still participates in the EU’s emissions trading system.
  • The latter’s “prognosis” (not a target) is for CO2 to stabilise over the next five years. Meanwhile, it continues to grant exploration licences, including – controversially – in the Arctic.
    NGOs are considering a legal challenge, on the basis costly polar drilling is incompatible with global climate targets. Truls Gulowsen, head of Greenpeace Norway, tells Climate Home they hope to make a decision in early autumn.
    “We want to see reduced activities in the oil and gas sector,” he says. “Volume, not only symbols.”


Pole area

A Norwegian decision in January to up its fossil fuel production in some of the region’s riskiest and most environmentally fragile areas raised eyebrows in the wake of the Paris agreement.

Want to sail to the pole region and clean up the plastic soup?

By The Ocean We Unite presents an expedition to sail up to Norway. From August 2 till September 4, 2016.

From the website:

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By The Ocean We Unite is a non-profit organization which combines your sailing holiday with a contribution to a cleaner and better world.

During the expedition we will cross the North Sea to reach our final destination: Norway. We will do this while sailing on the Fantastiko, a beautiful two-mast ketch with space for up to ten expedition members and the Crew.
The crossing will take a couple of non-stop offshore sailing days on the North Sea.

Spectacular views

No worries if you don’t have any sailing experience yet. The experienced crew loves to teach you all the ins-and-outs of offshore sailing. You may join in keeping watch during the night, steer the ship and help with the handling of the sail.

You get to witness the beautiful rising sun over the boundless blue horizon, and at night the countless stars that sparkle in the dark.

Help clean our oceans

The adventure on the Fantastiko is not just about sailing. Besides the daily sailing activities, we will also involve ourselves in one of the biggest challenges of our time: the gigantic amount of plastic that -unfortunately- floats in our oceans.

  • We will do research on plastic pollution and help out with global research
  • Together we will learn more about plastic pollution and its impact on our oceans, wildlife and humanity
  • Because this is a problem that affects us all, we should strive to create more awareness among people and stand together while discouraging further plastic pollution.
  • With the group we will debate and discuss these themes -and many more-  and see what WE can do for a plastic-free water world.

Your money, you decide

During the expedition we will discover Norway in all her pristine beauty. While sailing around in the beautiful Norwegian fjords, we will experience the local way of living, make new friends and have the time of our lives!

However, besides all the great fun we will have exploring Norway, we travel around with money we raised in order to donate or invest this. To whom or what we will donate the money is not decided yet.

Since YOU have raised the funds by booking this expedition, it is your money to give away. As a team you will decide in what kind of project you would like to invest or to what charity you want to donate. This could be a project you already knew before coming to Norway or a project we will discover during our travels.

Together we will not just experience a holiday we will never forget, but also experience the powerful energy of giving.

€ 500,- will be donated to local charity


You don’t need to have any sailing experience. Our enthusiastic crew will show you how it’s done!

A chance to see dolphins and whales in the wild.

Because of the weather there may be changes in the route.

We will sleep on board every night weeks sailing and living on the Fantastiko 22-08 till 04-09 2016 will cost € 2.499This includes:

  • 3 meals a day
  • the crew, petrol
  • port charges
  • end clean up
  • coffee, tea and water

Excluding: other drinks and tourist tax.

Norway climate neutral 2030

Rotterdam – Bergen – Rotterdam

We will depart from Rotterdam for 4 days of offshore sailing, up north to Bergen, Norway. From Bergen we will discover the Norwegian fjords and sail south to Stavanger within 7 days. In Stavanger we will do the necessary preparations for the 3 day cross-over back to Rotterdam, Holland.



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