Now it is time to buy solar panels

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20% of the sun’s energy is transmitted to solar power

Solar panels are getting better and cheaper, but that’s no reason to wait any longer with the purchase.

The current situation is very favorable for consumers and businesses. And it is unlikely to get even better.

Nowadays, consumers and companies can take advantage of relatively low purchase prices and a favorable settlement of the government. Who stream produces its own roof, may transfer the part resupply at the same price which electricity is purchased, including taxes.


Over the past decade, the price of a rooftop installation with solar panels has dropped by nearly 75 percent. Experts are believing that this trend will weaken. The last price cut was partly due to global overproduction of solar panels. Further price cuts will take a little longer.

20% efficiency

The current panels transfer one fifth of the sunlight directly into electricity. That efficiency will be better in future panels. In theory, more than 50 percent of the sunlight will be transmitted into electricity.

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