Nuclear Energy? Thorium! a documentary (in short clips)

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, new energy for the future?

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor is a short term solution to becoming more energy independent and a long term solution to lowering transportation fuel costs and energy and environmental sustainability.

Who would have guessed that BetterWorldSolutions is enthusiastic about nuclear energy?

Still, there are reserves though, but… how could we have missed all-those-years the (alleged?) benefits of the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor?!

Here, the starting article you’ll find at our Linkedin group with background information from all sides. Underneath a full documentary, composed of eleven small clips, of the Thorium for Energy Foundation. Enjoy.

LATEST EDIT: You will find the comment debunking the benefits of Thorium as alt. source of nuclear energy in our LinkedIn Group

Pros of Thorium

  • Carbon-free operation
  • Inherently far safer than conventional light water reactors
  • Abundant fuel (thorium)
  • Chemically stable
  • Currently being developed in China and US
  • Very small amount of  low-level radioactive waste. Should be much easier to manage.
  • Concentrated energy source, requiring far less land than solar
  • Runs round the clock, good base-load and load-following source
  • Less suitable for weapons proliferation that conventional nuclear
  • Relatively low cost and scalable
  • Could potentially be used in a distributed manner
  • Technology is currently at the demonstration phase
  • Requires less cooling water than conventional reactors

Cons of Thorium as energy source

  • Non-renewable fuel
  • Still produces hazardous waste (though far less)
  • Can still facilitate proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • Quite different than current technology
  • Primarily conceived as a centralized plant
  • Like all big plants, could be a terrorist target
  • Technology not ready for prime time yet
  • Competes with renewables for investment dollars


2 Responses to Nuclear Energy? Thorium! a documentary (in short clips)

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  2. JW Storm says:

    Let me explain why thorium isn’t the solution we need.

    Two main reasons (there are more):
    Thorium itself is non-fissile, and must be converted into a reactor in U-233. This implies a culture cycle, similar to the U-Pu growing cycle. Work-up of the irradiated elements is essential in order to separate the U-233. Research into the U-Pu breeding cycle, with investments of more than $ 100bn in six or seven countries, has shown that this is the Achilles heel. Separation of complex mixtures of atomic species proceeds always incomplete (follows from the Second Law of Thermodynamics), which further worsens with each cycle by increasing radioactivity of the mixtures to be separated. This fact is possibly the root cause of the failure of the culture reactor, in fact, the growing cycle.

    A Th-232 / U-233 reactor is not capable of the fission process and the culture of U-233 from Th-232 to keep it going. There is an additional neutron source required. They usually thought of the addition of Pu-239 in the fuel, but scientists also talk about an external neutron source in the form of a particle accelerator. Both options make the system extremely costly, complicated and vulnerable to interference.

    Incidentally, the claim that a thorium reactor would be clean and safe is a misunderstanding. The amount of fission products, and activation products generated per unit of energy is in a thorium reactor as big as a U / Pu reactor, although the composition may vary slightly. A thorium reactor, can be just as good as Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters lead, together with the required reprocessing plants.

    Even if the thorium cycle would work according to the sales brochure, the negative energy of the system would be prohibitive: the whole system from cradle to grave would be no energy source but an energy sink.

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