Oceans are economic superpowers

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Chinese sanitation workers in Shanghai fish out thousands of dead pigs found floating in the Huangpu (March 2013)

The economical value of the oceans is analyzed by the University of Queensland and the Boston Consulting Group, as the seventh largest economy in the world.

The oceans are representing a value of 23,8 trillion dollars. Listed just below the UK and over Brazil.

This result has been presented in the report ‘Reviving the Ocean Economy‘, commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund

The economical power of the oceans are estimated conservative: Lots of local fishermen are not recorded. In the analyses have been taken tourism, shipping, coastal protection against storms and tsunamis and fishing. As well as the damage of pollutions and acidifications.


The richness of the oceans are decreasing rapidly. Destruction of seabeds and mangrove forests, the disappearance of coral and climate change are to blame.

Also, we are loosing 90% of commercial fish species because of overfishing and there is an explosive growth of unsustainable aquaculture. About two thirds of the economic value of the oceans depends on the health of the sea and it’s certainly not good with that.

Not too late

According to the WWF, it is not too late if we take actions to protect the oceans. In five years at least 10% of the sea have to be protected and in 2030, 30%. At this moment only 3.4% of the oceans is protected.


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