All-in-one solution portable solar power

All-in-one solution portable solar power

1440WH Home Solar Panels Generator of Solar Power Systems Products Price 250W (125W*2) solar panel, 1440Wh (12V 120Ah) lead acid battery, 220V 600W pure sine wave off grid inverter, 12V 20A solar controller.

Do you want off-grid? The portable solar power market just keeps heating up, with new configurations of larger sizes of ‘solar panel plus battery storage system‘ starting to hit the shelves.

Especially the mobile renewable energy products which combine

  • solar,
  • battery
  • and inverter system

that offer all-in-one solution for off-grid and emergency applications.

All-in-One Case of mPower

The Portable Solar Power Generator integrates solar panels, battery, power inverter, and outlets into a single hard-case. It’s available in 3 different sizes:

  1. M6 with 50W solar panel and 300Wh battery
  2. M12 with 100W solar panel and 600Wh battery
  3. M24 with 200W solar panels and 1200Wh battery.

An interesting omission in the mPower units as the ‘world’s lightest’ solar generator, is the specs on the actual weight of the units, which was not able to locate.

This very well could be the lightest and most powerful unit yet, but we don’t have any actual numbers to go on other than the generating capacity and battery capacity, so that aspect of the product could be more marketing speak than anything else.

The shortage of this product is it only with 3 models and the price is expensive which can’t meet most customer demands. The following products might fit more homes!

All-in-one solution portable solar power

Emergency Power System E1200WH is specially designed for emergency energy application by using both solar and grid input, with all components in one portable carrying case, 1200W output power and 1200Wh Battery Energy could fulfilling all the basic energy demand for Home, Business, and Government agency

All-in-One System Case of HELP Technology

The HELP Tech Home Energy Systems include solar panels and an integrated system case, which include battery, power inverter, charge controller and outlets into a single hard-case. They have the following series:

  1. DC
  2. HMP
  3. Hand E series


Each series is available in many different sizes. For example, the H series is available in 18 models

All of the units are delivered with:

  • two 5V USB ports
  • three 12V DC outputs
  • two 220V AC outputs (H50 to H3000) for powering larger devices

The solar home systems also include a battery management system for protection against overcharging and over-discharging, input overvoltage, under voltage, overload and over temperature conditions.

The solar and battery components are appropriately matched in order to get a full charge on the battery in one sunny day. LEDPV can supply the system case without solar panels and batteries to save shipping costs.




E. or for catalog and price list.


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