Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves

Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves

Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves. This means we can make better use of our existing infrastructure and deliver massive savings for bill payers.

Open Energi is making our energy smarter and cheaper with Dynamic Demand.

They developed features harnessing flexibility in our demand for energy to build a new energy economy which is clean, affordable and secure. 

Fast forward to 2035; most of our energy comes from cheap, renewable energy sources, Dynamic Demand acts as a distributed storage network automatically adjusting consumption from millions of cars, heaters, pumps and fridges up and down the country in line with available supply, and suddenly our energy trilemma doesn’t seem so insurmountable.

Open Energi connects

By 2020 it is estimated that there will be over 50 billion smart devices connected to the internet.

Using this connectivity to help devices respond smartly to the needs of the electricity grid could shift up to 10% of energy demand without impacting the end user.

Dynamic Demand

Demand Response means Open Energi can be smarter about how and when we use energy and build a system which is cleaner, more affordable and secure.

Dynamic Demand is helping to build this new energy economy, harnessing small amounts of flexible energy demand from everyday equipment to intelligently shift our energy consumption in line with available supply.

This means we can make better use of our existing infrastructure and deliver massive savings for bill payers.

It’s a no build approach to securing our energy supplies which is quicker, cleaner and more affordable than the alternatives:

How does it work?

Dynamic Demand harnesses small amounts of flexible energy demand from every day equipment and provides a platform to maximize revenue and deliver long-term sustainable benefits without affecting business performance.

Real time grid balancing
if Dynamic Demand detects that the system is imbalanced it will send a request to equipment it is connected to asking if it can temporarily reduce or increase power consumption to help return the frequency to 50 Hertz.

At any given moment, some equipment will be able to respond and some won’t, but by aggregating the response from thousands of different devices up and down the country, Dynamic Demand is able to adjust demand to meet supply in real-time.

    • Asset management
      Dynamic Demand provides sub-second metering data on the operation of loads which is accessible online through an interactive, customisable portal.The portal enables you to monitor, manage and compare the performance of your sites and assets at the click of a button. It provides powerful business intelligence which can help you to reduce operational costs and identify energy savings.
    • Responding to price signalsPeak pricing strategies are used to relieve pressure on the grid by discouraging energy consumption during periods of peak demand.Dynamic Demand can be used to automatically adjust consumption during these periods to deliver significant cost savings.
    • Triad management
      Triad refers to the three half-hour settlement periods with highest system demand between November and February. Cost of consumption during these periods is extremely high. Triad Management is a way for companies to predict when these windows will be and reduce their electricity demand accordingly.
    • Distribution network use of system charges (DNUOS)
      DNUoS charges cover the cost of converting and transporting power from the high voltage transmission lines into local distribution grids. Morning and evening peaks are charged at a higher value per kWh (Red Band).

Cyber Essentials

Open Energi takes all aspects of security extremely seriously; from the physical security of our offices, data centers and employees through to the security of the information we collect, hold and analyse, and the security of our networking infrastructure.

They are constantly striving to stay at the forefront of developments and best practice in cyber security and are taking an active role in the wider community of Critical National Infrastructure to share intelligence and contribute to ongoing threat analytics.


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