Optimized BioMass Power Plants: The Revolution

With Citadel BioCat+ there is up to 17% less input  and the energy output almost doubles compared with conventional biomass power plants

With Citadel BioCat+ there is up to 17% less input and the energy output almost doubles compared with conventional biomass power plants

We are currently in a revolution. No revolution for power, but more of a – relatively speaking – sudden change of human tools, means and opportunities.

Scientists agree that we are currently in the tail of the latter. Especially visionaries and futurists dare to go further; we’re already in the next phase, or at least in the transition phase, where nanotechnology, network theory and biotechnology are major drivers.

Especially innovators who combine multiple and various discoveries to meet humanity’s new needs are considered to be new captains to pilot us through the beginnings of the Postmodern Age.

The British company Citadel Environmental Solutions is a pronounced fire starter of the next era. Biotechnology is the starting point for them, but their integrated applications related to: food, energy, agriculture, economy and sustainability.

For instance their Citadel BioCat+ process The main application is for existing BioMass Power Plants. In terms of hardware Citadel BioCat+ consists of a catalyst production unit (CPU), but a sophisticated and refined ánd redefined process completes it. Added value you say? Well, hold on –  With Citadel BioCat+

  • There is up to 17% less input (feedstock) needed for the same output
  • Is the energy output almost doubled compared with conventional biomass power plants
  • You almost halve the fermenting time (feedstock -> gas/energy, fertilizer, water)
  • Is the inner process twice as stable ( = energy efficient)
  • Is the hydrogen sulfide gas at least halved (safer and less odour)
  • Is the output a slurry fertilizer on which plants grow twice as fast
  • Increases the harvest with 20% of a field that is fertilized with this slurry

This almost sounds too good to be true, but this is why Citadel BioCat+ is a true representative of the onrushing new times:

  • Bold, out-of-the-box, innovation (here: conventional fermentation process with bacteria is with BioCat+ in symbiosis with Archaean cells)
  • Retain the existing but constantly refining, redefining and improving
  • Testing, testing and testing again (no quick market launch like we used to do)
  • An integral and continuous approach of: hypotheses, results and side-effects

The Citadel BioCat+ system, both hardware and process, can also be applied for water treatment plants and landfills.


Ray Long, Managing Director Citadel Environmental Solutions
M. +447825248884
E. ray@citadel-biocat.com
W: Citadel-biocat.com



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