Orison plug and play home battery system

Orison plug and play home battery system

Orison’s plug in home battery could help homeowners ditch the grid by connecting to an alternative energy source like solar or wind and saving money because of low rate energy prices

The new Orison plug and play home battery system, stores electricity when electricity rates are low, so the electricity can be used later to avoid paying the higher rates.

Best of all: this new system requires no installation like other home battery setups; you just plug it in and away you go.

The average American household consumes 911 kWh of electricity each month, and fluctuating utility rates make some of that energy cost much more than the rest. One company is launching a device that seeks to eliminate those cost spikes: Orison’s home battery system.

Orison’s plug in home battery could help homeowners ditch the grid by connecting to an alternative energy source like solar or wind.

The system’s biggest selling point is its ability to optimize grid power by storing up cheap electricity to use during times when rates are higher.

CEO and co-founder Eric Clifton explains how the Orison system works to help cut utility spending without the need for permits or an electrician.

“We can’t expand the current system; it would be like running additional extension cords. We need to create a system that’s more resilient and efficient.”

He also says a home can use multiple units to truly maximize energy storage. This plug-and-play home battery solution works with any type of power source, including grid power.

Orison home battery system types

The instant set-up battery system comes in two varieties:

  1. a flat wall-mounted unit
  2. a free-standing model

Both are controlled through a smartphone app, enabling the homeowner to dictate when it should draw energy from the grid.

The free-standing version also incorporates

  • a LED lamp
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • a wireless phone charger

The wall-mounted unit, which is a 22-inch by 28-inch rectangle, also functions as an LED lamp and has customizable skins to make it fit seamlessly within your home’s interior design.

2.2kWh power panels

A limited number of Orison’s 2.2kWh power panels are expected to ship out in August to backers who pledge the early bird amount of $1,200 to the crowdfunding campaign.

After those are spoken for, the base level model will go for $1,400. Orison plans to sell the battery systems at retail for $1,600 once the Kickstarter closes. With more than 40 days left, Orison has already garnered over 150 percent of the initial goal of $50,000.


  • 15-Year Performance Warranty
    (70% capacity retention)
  • 10-Year Product Warranty
  • 100% DOD (Depth of discharge) Tur
  • nkey Solution
  • Expandable to 72 kWh
  • 8,000 Cycle Life
  • LiFePO4 – Ferrous Phosphate Battery Chemistry
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Remote Monitoring and Communication


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