Paris – Two CEOs stimulate international business climate action

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Monster greenhouse gas levels seen

Two Dutch CEO’s are firmly stimulating international companies to major climate action: Paul Polman (CEO Unilever) and Peter Bakker (president of the WBCSD) are leading the ‘Low Carbon Technology Partnerships Initiative (LCTPi).

Already 86 large enterprises have signed the LCTPi.

The two leaders are active for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). On behalf of all participating companies, they have written a letter to Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General of the UN) and Christiana Figueres (head of the UNFCCC). In that letter, they stress the importance of an ambitious agreement in Paris and they provide governments all support from the business community that they represent.

Press release WBCSD

Business leaders heading the working groups of the WBCSD Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative have joined Polman and Bakker in writing to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UNFCCC Executive Director Christiana Figueres to call for an ambitious climate agreement, pledging to work with them to deliver it. (…)  [Polman and Bakker] have written to the top organisers of the UN climate negotiations to show them that business is standing beside government, and taking action to help keep our world under 2°C of warming.

The letter to UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, UNFCCC Executive Director Christiana Figueres, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Peru’s Minister for Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal Otalora outlines the actions 86 companies are taking to tackle climate change and calls for an ambitious climate agreement that leads to net zero emissions before the end of the century. (…)’

In just five days, the world will begin one of the most critical and historic meetings of our time. As heads of state and negotiators begin to arrive in Paris. The initiators have been writing to Ban Ki-Moon and Figueres to show that business is standing beside government, and taking action to help keep the world on the 2°C pathway.

Ambitious goals on greenhouse gas

The Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi) has identified a set of ambitions that could contribute up to 65% of the emissions reduction that is required by 2030, while stimulating $5-10 trillion of investment and supporting 20-45 million jobs each year.

Focus areas

  1. Low carbon freight
  2. Renewables
  3. Carbon capture and storage
  4. Energy efficiency in buildings
  5. Cement
  6. Low carbon transport fuels
  7. Climate smart agriculture
  8. Forests
  9. Chemicals
  • 9 LCTPi groups are in operation: renewable energy: carbon capture and storage; low carbon transport fuels; low carbon freight; cement; chemicals; energy efficiency in buildings; forests and climate smart agriculture
  • 86 companies have made 94 endorsements of LCTPi and are ready to move to implementation
  • Over 1000 high level business representatives and policy makers have participated in international dialogues conducted across five continents and in all key emerging markets

#cure for climate

Your support will encourage more companies to join this movement. We firmly believe that including testimonies from LCTPi companies on the value of collaborative action, in both the thematic days and the action day, will reinforce both the COP-21 process and the implementation of LCTPi in 2016 and beyond. Leadership is essential to overcoming the complexity of climate change. We are grateful for your invaluable partnership and ongoing support.

Carbon Capture and Storageis one of the key technologies that can help to deliver net zero emissions during this century. Watch the video


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