Peak power consumption during heat wave

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Do not use a fan to cool down, because it recirculates warm air. Buy yourself an air conditioning.

Because of the heat wave, Europe created a peak in energy demand. Plus 10 percent. No wonder: air conditioners and fans were running at full capacity.

According to the energy supplier, above 30 degrees Celsius Europe demands 10% plus. Once the temperature drops, the peak power flattens to about 7.5% at temperatures around 27 degrees.

Tips for energy savings

  1. Smart ventilation
    Keep windows and doors closed and limit the temperature difference between inside and outside to 5 degrees
  2. Open windows and doors in the morning, evening and night
  3. Keep the lights off
    Do not leave lights burning in rooms that are not used. This will prevent heat emitted by the lamps and slows down the air conditioning
  4. Buy an energy efficient air conditioner
    Energy efficient models save about € 60 per year and reduces your carbon footprint
  5. Isolate
    A long-term solution is to insulate. With insulation in the cavity wall, floor and roof, the temperature remains nice and cool in the summer and saves energy


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