PH2OG water from the air

PH2OG water from the air

water harvesting from Fog

PH2OG builds equipment that captures airborne water droplets from clouds and fog. The process requires no additional energy input and avoids both groundwater depletion and pollution, issues affecting both the development en developing world but directly contributed to by major bottled water companies.

In areas without access to surface or groundwater sources but with high incidence of low lying clouds or fog (generally elevated regions), fog harvesting has proven to be an inexpensive alternative.

Phog water

Cloud harvesting is a novel water collection technique that uses specialized nets to collect and channel water in the air. It requires specific geological and climate conditions, but in the right areas, the combination of low clouds and steady winds means that large volumes of pure water can be obtained.

Bottled water isn’t often associated with environmental sustainability. However this Brooklyn based venture PH2OG Water is challenging those conventions. The company uses cloud harvesting technology. An innovative and ecologically sustainable technique, to sustainably sources pure water directly from clouds

PH2OG Social mission

Their social mission is to expand the global availability of technology that provides clean water to those in need by working with humanitarian water organizations to provide funding for community water systems.

One of the company’s cofounders Michael Thomas has said:

We are using clouds, an untapped resource, to responsibly source water and provide value to the planet. We are resource efficient, we don’t deplete groundwater and our social mission is central to what we do.

Incan method

Drawing on contemporary research, PH2OG has been able to adapt ancient Incan methods with modern resources. To collect potable water, the Incans would set up systems to mimic plants that thrived in mountainous regions.

Modern applications were pioneered by Bob Schemenauer and are currently being used by groups from MIT and Princeton.


PHOG Water


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