Pitch That Won 2 Million

Pitch That Won 2 Million

The tech startup launched their crowdfunding campaign to the public on a Friday. On Monday, only four days into the campaign, the ultimate amount of $2.2 million was reached. The size and speed of the investment constitute an absolute Dutch record.

How to collect 2 million in a week with a pitch? Goods Sharing Platform Peerby did it. This is how.

The Dutch online sharing platform Peerby organized a crowdfunding campaign. Their dream? 1.5 million euro’s for international expansion. The result: more than 2 million euro’s. Within a week.

What we learned from the pitch strategy by Peerby.

Pitch: Three Tips

The pitch contains three strong elements:

  • Tell a personal story
    Founder Daan Weddepohl tells how he lost most of his stuff in a fire. This incident in 2009 was his start to help others.
    He made a conclusion out his experiences and devided them into two main streams:

    1. helping people makes us happy
    2. smart connections, there is enough for everyone

This is exactly what Peerby did: he started an online platform where you can just borrow a drill, guitar, party tent or something else from one of your neighbors.
Through this personal story his idea was very successful

  • Think big
    Get the bigger picture
    That’s exactly what happened next:
    he linked his personal story was linked to a strategic vision for the world. Think big is the motto.It is not just a start-up or commercial initiative. Weddepohl is driven ideologically
    Goods are underutilized and thrown away too much. Why not match supply and demand? The result: people don’t have to buy things they seldom use.
    It’s a movement you want to join – good for you, good for your neighborhood and good for the planet.
  • Community building
    Peerby wants to contribute to a new economy with less waste. Of course an active and enthusiastic group is essential.

Yes WE can

They have a beautiful trial: it’s good for you, the neighborhood and the planet. What else do you want? Join this movement, aks Peerby.

Actually, Peerby id doing the same as Barack Obama in 2008 be repeating: “Yes WE can”, instead of ‘Yes HE can’.
In short:

  1. a personal connection to the subject
  2. a clear, ambitious vision
  3. creating a community

are the three strong elements that enhance persuasion.

P.S. naturally clever strategy and PR will also help.

Social proof

What is apparent? The campaign was first launched in the group of Peerby members. And a few days later to the public. At that time, the public was aware of the initiative and noticed the Peerby already gained 200,000 on the counter (social proof). Visitors were impressed and thought that it would be lucrative for them too.


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