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Plastic recycling opportunities

Plastic recycling opportunities

Used extruder $3600

There are so much recycling opportunities. Gary McNeish is one if the growing group of great people in the world who wants to make the world more clean and circular.

For the last few years, he has been concentrating on recycling industrial waste:
      • Carbon Black from the pyrolysis of waste tyres.
      • Fibers from waste
      • Tyres made into fibercrete a mix of fibers and concrete  
      • Metal from tyres can be used in the same way, however this method not only strengthens the concrete but if a small electric current is applied to the concrete when dry it will heat up making it ideal for snow and ice removal in harsh environments
      • Recycling red mud (Bauxite Residue) a by product from the Aluminium industry

Recycling red mud

His brief was to find ways to monetize and commercialize the Bauxite residue. He found it can be used in thousands of ways.
Firstly it can be further processed to extract Iron and Titanium (Fe2O3 and TiO2) The processing reduces its toxicity. I found it can be used as a building material, sand substitute, cement and concrete colourant. For bricks and blocks, roads, wood dye, cement plaster, clay and clay pottery to make sinks, toilets, urinals etc.

Recycling plastics

Furthermore he has found that any powder waste can be mixed with waste plastic to produce hundreds of non food grade plastic items. These items when made are 100% recyclable.  roof tiles, decking, fence posts, paving, these products are only limited by your own imagination. Take a look at his presentation.

Recycling waste from the glass industry

Gary feels that aiming for a 100% waste free environment is achievable. He has been approached in the past two weeks to find uses for a problem waste that is from the glass manufacturing industry. Flue glass powder. And yes, he has already several ideas that this material will be suitable for.


Do you want to collaborate or are you interested in recycling plastic opportunities with a extruder? Please contact Gary through “Linkedin” or by email:


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