Platooning can save up to 7% truck fuel

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Scania takes a lead role in researching and testing truck platooning in Europe

Last Monday Scania did a trial with autonomous driving trucks.

Or actually not autonomous: they are driven by the first truck. It saves a lot of energy and costs. 

It will take years before we will see autonomous trucks on roads in Europe. Both national and European legislation should be adjusted.

Last Monday, Dutch minister Schultz was seaten next to professional driver in the first truck, of a convoy of three.

Linked electronic

In this test with ‘platooning‘ (attached drive), only the driver of the first truck steers, brakes and accelerates. The two followers trucks are electronically linked to the first truck.

Depending on the transport assignment, haulage companies will be able to:

  • identify the optimal route with regard to fuel consumption
  • through an integrated system, drivers will receive information on where they can join and leave platoons

This integrated information system will clearly describe available alternatives, taking into account such variables as weather conditions, the traffic situation and delivery schedules as well as the weight and speed of the truck combination.

Scania Sweden  will conduct a trial with unmanned trucks later this year. At least behind the first in the convoy.

Up to 7% saving

Platooning leads to less fuel consumption. Trucks communicate with each other, driving with two seconds ‘distance’ between them, consume 5 percent less fuel. One second distance will save at least 7 percent fuel, Scania says.

‘Smart’ drive, developing intelligent transport systems, is a growing industry. Reliable and robust cooperative driving has the potential to significantly alleviate traffic flow problems.

Safety & Regulations

Safety of the system is an important aspect for new traffic regulations. In the mean time, the Dutch minister allowslarge-scale tests on Dutch motorways, because, as she says:

“We have to learn by doing.”





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