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Bluewater clean drinking water solution

Bluewater clean drinking water solution

Bluewater Pro water purifier can generate up to 1,826 US gallons (6,912 L) of purified water a day

Bluewater purified water solution allows communities all over the world to turn polluted and waste water into clean drinking water.

The company’s global overview on the development of water treatment systems is related to the environment, plant breeding, and biotechnology improvement.

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™

Their approach focusses on phytodepuration (phyton = plant and depurare = clean, purify). That process eliminates contaminant agents from waste waters by means of complex biological and physicochemical processes involving plants in the aquatic ecosystem.

Phytodepuration occurs naturally in ecosystems which receive contaminated waters, and it has been the classical system for water quality recovery, together with water self-purification. The process occurs in natural wetlands as well as in constructed ones.

Refill your plastic bottle

Bluewater phytodepuration is applied as photosynthetic organisms intervene, and those organisms can be plants or macroscopic or microscopic algae.

Removing lead and most other toxic metal, chemical, and organic contaminants from tap drinking water, a high-performance Bluewater Pro water purifier can generate up to 1,826 US gallons (6,912 L) of purified water every day, which substantially reduces the need to purchase single use plastic bottles.

The technology also slashes the water wastage commonly associated with reverse osmosis by up to 79%.

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WFA-PF generates water from air

WFA-PF generates water from air

Drinking water from the air. The WFA-PF electrostatic air filter effectively prevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance.

The WFA-PF the stainless steel public fountain generates water from the air. We generate pure drinking water from the air.

The powerful fan takes in a large amount of air and to minimize the intake of all the impurities, the WFA=PF pulls air through an electrostatic filter removing 93% off all air particles.

WFA-PF material

Body, tray and tanks manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless steel, hygienic and vandal resistant.The WFA-PF is designed to provide drinking water in public places like schools, rest-areas, playgrounds, parks, museums, universities, malls, airports … The high tech filtration system purifies the water to ensure an unsurpassed quality independently of geography, air pollution and climate conditions.


Electrostatic air filter

The condensation unit receives the clean humid airflow. The condenser coils are covered with a food grade coating, to minimize interaction between water and the metals using for the cooling coils. Using these coils, allows the water to condense from a vapor into a liquid.



The condensation unit receives this clean humid airflow. The condenser coils are covered with a food grade coating, to minimize interaction between water and the metals used for the cooling coils. Using these coils, allows the water to condense from a vapor into a liquid.

Bottom tank

The filtered water is collected into a 4 liters tank. The water gets treated with UV light, which kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mold spores and inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir.

Filtration system

The filtrations system (sediment: Pre-Carbon, Ultra filtration, post-carbon + mineral) with a pore size of ,01 micron, removes all bacteria and common viruses, organic compounds, chlorine, heavy metals.

Pure water tank

After going through this set of filter, the water goes to a holding tank that is periodically exposed to UV light to minimize/eliminate bacteria growth in the unit. More info at Ways Srl /

We have developed the product in Italy, the production is in China, under our direct quality control.

Price reference

Obviously the price depends on the quantities, but in order to give you just a price reference:
  • The unit price is 980,00 usd (FOB Ningbo, China)
  • MOQ 10-99 pieces the price is 860,00 usd (FOB Ningbo, China)
  • MOQ 100 pcs the price is 800,00 (FOB Ningbo, China)

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Aquaflow WT Kolk stows more water at low cost

Stow more water at low cost

Heavy rainfall?

Street flooding that occurred during Hurricanes could become more common in the decades ahead. This Aquaflow solution helps cities keeping the streets dry.

In the first statewide climate change outlook for New York, scientists say that the state may suffer disproportionate effects in coming decades compared with other regions, due to its geography and geology.

The report paints a harsh picture, including possible extreme temperature and sea-level rises, downpours, droughts and floods. The changes are projected to affect nearly every region and facet of the economy by the 2080s, from ski resorts and dairy farms to New York City’s subways, streets and businesses.

Stow more water at low cost

This water stow solution avoids the overflow of the streets in your city.

Aquaflow WT kolk video

Global warming is not evenly distributed; because of its northerly latitude, New York has already warmed 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 40 years. More than twice the global average. The report projects a further 1.5 to 3-degree rise by the 2020s; 3 to 5.5 degrees by the 2050s; and 4 to 9 degrees by the 2080s. Winters will be milder, and summers will see more extreme heat waves and droughts, say the researchers.

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Diatom Algae based Sewage Treatment cleans rivers and lakes

Generally waterbodies contain more of nutrients, N and P, and less of micro nutrients, since metals are not stable in water. So by providing the missing micro nutrients, diatom growth is enhanced.

Generally waterbodies contain more of nutrients, N and P, and less of micro nutrients, since metals are not stable in water. So by providing the missing micro nutrients, diatom growth is enhanced.

While the drought continues in large parts of the world. We need to reuse all our water. Including water from the industry an agriculture.

But what if this water is polluting rivers and lakes?

Well this biological Diatom Algae based Sewage Treatment is the most sustainable sewage treatment solution for lakes and rivers  worldwide.

It is not at all common to reuse treated sewage. Worldwide only a very small quantity of treated sewage is reused. The current treatment processes are not targeted at reuse of treated sewage. The treatment is only to enable discharge into large waterbodies.

Removing nutrients from large waterways

Removing nutrients from large waterways is not being practiced at present. The challenge is to treat wastewater fully at a lower cost. And that’s why we promote Diatom Algae. 

Diatom Algae cleans ALL water in the world of nutrient ( N and P ) pollutants

  • Nualgi is dissolved into the water and this causes a bloom of Diatom Algae within minutes.
  • Bubbles of oxygen released by the Diatoms can be clearly seen, this starts within minutes and continues for upto 2 weeks.
  • This oxygen is available to Aerobic Bacteria and these breakdown the organic matter in the water.
  • Diatoms are consumed by Zooplankton and these by fish.
  • Thus Nualgi results in the remediation of the lake and in increasing fish yield.
  • The Blue Green algae in the lake can be seen crashing out in 2 hours of the use of Nualgi, this floats up and the lake appears dirtier than it was at the begining, but this is just part of the cleaning up process.
  • And it’s cheap comparing with other treatment processes.

Everyone is spending money on collecting sewage, treating it and then disposing off the treated sewage into lakes, rivers and oceans. When it is disposed off into lakes and rivers, it gets reused indirectly but when discharged into oceans the fresh water is wasted.



By Aquaflow

Aquaflow Storages Water on Roofs

Climate change, water harvesting and storage on garages and buildings

water storage on garages and buildings

Does your city has shortage of water? And do you want to collect all the water that comes in? Is your space precious?

With this Aquaflow system your city collects rainwater on roofs or under plummeted courtyards, stores it so you have to spill a drop of it. They guarantee a high quality of stored water so with this system you contribute to a sustainable water system.

Aquaflow provides a system for water treatment and water storage on roofs. Parking garages, other big concrete buildings but also beneath plummeted courtyards:

  1. first they make the roof, water proof
  2. then they integrate the system for water retention and water treatment
  3. then the roof will be finished with your desired design

Aquaflow Guarantee

Aquaflow guarantees a waterproof finished roof on which drainage and water buffer systems will be applied by hollow plastic units (Permavoid®), or an open crushed stone foundation (Aquaflow).

The purified rainwater can be stored in Aquaflow® so you can use it later. For example the water can be stored and used for flushing the toilets. Other possibilities are watering the gardens, use the treated water to wash cars or filling you can fill the swimming pool with the former rainwater.


  • buffering and storage of rainwater
  • purification and capture of pollutants
    • heavy metals
    • hydrocarbons
  • slow drains or filters
  • utilization of rainwater
    • usage of toilets
    • hydrate gardens, car washing … 
  • high quality of materials and construction

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Biological purification on an advanced carrier

Innopack, fresh water, drinking water, purification, container“Innopack++” is a biological purification technique with attached growth on an advanced carrier.

The remarkable is that this installation, for the processing of waste water, has a much smaller footprint. It can meet the discharge requirements and also save investments and operational costs.

Target groups

  • Municipal processes
  • Chemical industrial processes
  • Pharmaceutical industrial processes
    • Upgrading existing WWTP
    • Groundwater / soil remediation
    • Pre treatment Step for water reuse
    • COD, Nitrogen and Phosphate removal

Biological purification

Hard degradable components, COD, Nitrogen and Phosphate removal. These biological technique is a solution for the removal of hard degradable components, COD, nitrogen and phosphate from wastewater.

The technology can be used as a system for the COD removal and nitrification, but also as a pre-denitrification system.


  • Reduced odor emissions
  • High purification efficiency
  • Compact design (up to 5 times smaller than a conventional plant)
  • Lower investment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reception of shock and lower taxes
  • Increased energy conservation
  • Increased nitrogen degradation
  • Highly robust
  • Sludge production (5 to 10 x less)
  • Ability to high suspended solids loads to work in the influent


The bacteria, which are responsible for the degradation of the contaminants in the water, attach themselves to the carriers. As a result, these bacteria, have a greater area to grow. The different bacteria cooperate in order to break down the dirt, so that the carrier material create a continuous treatment machine.

Due to this well-organized cooperation of bacteria does the sytem result in a higher treatment efficiency than for a standard activated sludge system. The carrier also has a storage function. Together with some other technical ingredients, this is a new unique sustainable technology.

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By Biocleaner

BioCleaner treats water to recycle grade

fresh water, biocleaner, clean water, biological, green

BioCleaner treats water in rivers and lakes to recycle. Here’s how it works

BioCleaner treats water in rivers and lakes to recycle grade.

BioCleaner’s breakthrough technology is able to treat all kinds of organic waste including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.

It can be effectively used in natural waterways such as rivers, lakes and bays.


They treat water down to recycle grade (irrigation, boiler re use, cooling towers, washing water) and even to drinking with Reverse Osmosis (RO Membranes).

The BioCleaner’s compact form can be easily fitted in existing sewage treatment plants that allows other facilities to benefit from its advantages making it the easiest and most economical solution to all water cleaning needs.

Biocleaner is looking for Partners

Take a look for the right contact in the USA, Latin America, Baltic States, Canada, China, Greece and several in South East Asia

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By MH Waterzaken

SolarBee: healthy, clean and safe water

SolarBee, cleans lakes from Algae with Solar Energy

SolarBee, cleans lakes from Algae with Solar Energysolarbewe

The SolarBee has been developed in order to circulate large volumes of water. Scientific research and practical experience shows that by the circulation, blending and mixing of (surface ) water, the water quality is significantly improved. 

Large volumes of water are put in motion by long-distance circulation: by circulating, blending and mixing of the water, is:

  • improved water quality
  • biodiversity increases
  • reduced the cost of treatment , production and management and maintenance
  • prevent odors
  • limits the emission of CO2 and nitrous oxide

SolarBee advantages

  • surface water
  • waste and industrial water
  • drinking water and irrigation basins

The SolarBee works on solar energy. There is also a ‘Bee’ that operates on AC power, the GridBee.

Medora Corporation, based in North Dakota (USA ) has developed the SolarBee. Globally, the SolarBee is used in 3,000 projects. MH Waterzaken is distributor of the SolarBee in Europe.


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By MH Waterzaken

Oxatur: healthy surface water

Oxatur for Clean Surface Water

A special coating on the Oxatur, creates photocatalytic purification of the passing water causing degradation of waste and algae

This heterogeneous Oxatur purification process is effectively degrading pollutioned surface water and has a major impact to the health of the ecosystem.



  • algae
  • duckweed


The Oxatur forces naturally aeration of polluted surface water by enriching it with oxygen. A special coating on the Oxatur, creates photocatalytic purification of the passing water causing degradation of waste and algae.

The helophytes ensure that the nutrients are removed. The result is that the Oxatur is improving and recovering the polluted surface water. Moreover the self-healing capacity of the water is stimulated.

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By MH Waterzaken

Mudtrap: Circular soil water management

The Mudtrap collects and disposes mud

The Mudtrap collects and disposes mud including the bound phosphates by dredging

The Mudtrap is a circular water (soil) management solution because it collects and disposes mud including the bound phosphates by dredging. 

Do you need to clear the water from a thick sludge layer that adversely affects water quality and quantity? Then use the Mudtrap.

Dredging is necessary due to the continuous accumulation of sludge waste, plant debris, leaves, soil, and other fragments. This settles on the bottom of rivers, lakes and ditches and will eventually result in hinder water drainage.

Mudtrap Dredging

It is important that the sludge is removed. It’s common to remove the sludge every 8 to 10 years. Traditionally, by crane or slider boat. But this method has a negative effect on the ecology of the water.

To sustainably improve the quality of the water MH Waterzaken developed the Mudtrap®. Using the Mudtrap means that the sediment remains in the desired state, and it avoids damage to flora and fauna by traditional soil water.

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By DEKA R&D Cooperation

Slingshot: the ultimate seawater purifier

Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and several groundbreaking medical devices, has put a decade of work into a water purifier that he calls the “Slingshot.” This idea worth tens of millions of lives. The name is a reference to the story of David and Goliath — to Kamen, waterborne disease is a Goliath of a problem, and technology is the slingshot.


Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purifier and Stirling generator tech – low cost water and power for the developing world

The water purifier Slingshot uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator works on a standard electric grid, solar cells, batteries, or even methane from animal dung.

  • The $ 1,500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day!
  • The $ 3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, which is enough to deliver light to a small village.

The Slingshot system of vapor compression distillation basically boils and then condenses any dirty water source.

In a partnership with Coca-Cola, Kamen’s firm DEKA Research and Development brought Slingshot to communities in need of clean water in parts of Latin America and Africa. Interested in cooperation? Look below and contact Dean.





By Pharmafilter

Pharmafilter: biological cleaned water saves millions

Pharmafilter is an integral concept for the healthcare, treatment of waste and purification of wastewater for hospitals.

This filter system saves hospitals thousands of dollars a year because:

  • the water is clean without species of medicals in it
  • the proces is much more efficient
  • easier for the patient and its nursing staff
  • there is more efficiency and hygiene in handling the hospital waste
  • less contact moments with contaminated waste
  • locally the solid waste and wastewater are processed, purified and stripped of all harmful substances for people, animals and the environment

Optimal processing, fermentation and disposal of waste and treatment of wastewater.

The installation of Pharmafilter processes and purifies the waste and sewage in the grounds of the hospital. The sewer connections have put a connection to the sewer.

Pharmafilter tontoThe Tonto grinds the waste of the hospital department. It closes with the foot pedal and then the waste is ground within the sealed container. After use container cleans and disinfect itself. After this treatment, the valve automatically opens and is ready for use again. The Tonto consumes 0.11 kWh and about 9 liters of water per flush.


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By Dutch Delta Works

Aquifer Model Management

Aquifer groundwater management tool

A successful groundwater management requires precise information on groundwater quantity and quality, its renewability and the hydrogeological structure of the underground.

The importance of an Aquifer.

The available drinking water resources in aquifers, are globally declining because of overexploitation and pollution.

Climate Change

Irresponsible use of groundwater from aquifers as the largest freshwater reservoirs in dry areas have already without negative influences of climate change very low groundwater recharge at present but often storage non-renewable partly enormous fossil groundwater resources accumulated in former periods of earth history.

For a sustainable use of these aquifer resources, an adapted and forward-looking groundwater management is of vital importance.

Data management

A successful groundwater management requires precise information on groundwater quantity and quality, its renewability and the hydrogeological structure of the underground.

Based on this data, utilization concepts are developed that also consider ecological and socio-economic aspects. The feasibility of these concepts is tested in model experiments that allow the analysis of the present conditions of a groundwater system as well as its possible temporal development.

Aquifer monitoring and modeling

Modeling results are the design parameters utilized in the preparation of water management plans which are used by national and multinational decision-makers and organizations like federal ministries and authorities, geological surveys and water management authorities.

a simple back of the envelope calculation shows that the NWSAS (North-Western Sahara Aquifer System) constitutes a resource for exploitative use for many centuries to come. Under the assumption that 10% of the estimated 10,000 km3 water stored in the NWSAS can be extracted in a technically and economically feasible way, reserves will last for more than half a millennium assuming a constant maximum future demand of 500 m3 /s.

On quantitative grounds therefore the reliance of irrigated agriculture on NWSAS groundwater is not threatened. The scale of the NWSAS and its properties suggest that undesirable consequences from mining will never adversely affect its entire productive potential.

Link to the Scientific Aquifer Model Report