Winning Rooftop Ridgeblade Windturbine

Winning Rooftop Ridgeblade Windturbine

Winning Rooftop Ridgeblade Windturbine

The RidgeBlade wind turbine is a unique and innovative design. The specially developed and patented design provides a simple and affordable solution to generate electricity by wind at any location for business and households.

The unique designed wind turbine achieves a energy production at relatively low wind speeds.

2 models

  1. RB2, a larger generator suitable for an industrial environment
  2. RB1, a smaller version (lower level) developed primarily for use in homes

Award-winning design

The design of the RidgeBlade is based on the lift-effect which arises when wind is moved up along the inclined roof surface towards the cam.

After all, the wind speed at the ridge of the roof, may be three times faster than the speed measured in the open field.

A wind turbine on the roof thereby delivers up to nine times more energy compared with a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine.

Ridgeblade Advantages

  • Highly efficient at all wind speeds
  • Effectively silent and vibration free in operation
  • Low cost
  • Robust and reliable o Protected from over speed running through patent pending aerodynamic features
  • Easy to install
  • Planning friendly & suitable for most roof types (flat and pitched roofs)

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