Aquaflow Storages Water on Roofs

Climate change, water harvesting and storage on garages and buildings

water storage on garages and buildings

Does your city has shortage of water? And do you want to collect all the water that comes in? Is your space precious?

With this Aquaflow system your city collects rainwater on roofs or under plummeted courtyards, stores it so you have to spill a drop of it. They guarantee a high quality of stored water so with this system you contribute to a sustainable water system.

Aquaflow provides a system for water treatment and water storage on roofs. Parking garages, other big concrete buildings but also beneath plummeted courtyards:

  1. first they make the roof, water proof
  2. then they integrate the system for water retention and water treatment
  3. then the roof will be finished with your desired design

Aquaflow Guarantee

Aquaflow guarantees a waterproof finished roof on which drainage and water buffer systems will be applied by hollow plastic units (Permavoid®), or an open crushed stone foundation (Aquaflow).

The purified rainwater can be stored in Aquaflow® so you can use it later. For example the water can be stored and used for flushing the toilets. Other possibilities are watering the gardens, use the treated water to wash cars or filling you can fill the swimming pool with the former rainwater.


  • buffering and storage of rainwater
  • purification and capture of pollutants
    • heavy metals
    • hydrocarbons
  • slow drains or filters
  • utilization of rainwater
    • usage of toilets
    • hydrate gardens, car washing … 
  • high quality of materials and construction

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