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Balgstuw barrier Ramspol

balgstuw Ramspool

Storm barrier Ramspol protects Holland again

Due to persisting winds with forces eight to nine Beaufort on Jan 06, 2012 it was decided to inflate the storm surge barrier at Ramspol. 

The process was started shortly midnight. It took about one hour before the enormous barrier was fully inflated thus protecting the Ramspol-diep for high water in the Dutch IJsselmeer.

April 2015, the barrier had to be closed for hours because of the storm.Closing ‘the gate’ was very successful.

3 inflatable dams

During recent weeks in the major rivers changed from extremely low to very high everal had been flooded. The rapidly rising water level were caused by continuous rainfall especially in the German basin and saturated land, preventing rainwater penetrate into the soil. The barrier consists of three inflatable, nylon-reinforced rubber dams, each 75 m long, 13 m wide and with a design height of 8.35 m. They are the largest dams of their kind ever built. The dam is inflated with air while a gravity-feed system allows water to flow in. The barrier is lowered again by pumping out the water and letting out the air.

The storm surge barrier near Ramspol, designed and built by the Royal BAM Group nv, was built to project the hinterland against flooding by high water from the IJsselmeer lake. It was commissioned end 2002.

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