Biological purification on an advanced carrier

Innopack, fresh water, drinking water, purification, container“Innopack++” is a biological purification technique with attached growth on an advanced carrier.

The remarkable is that this installation, for the processing of waste water, has a much smaller footprint. It can meet the discharge requirements and also save investments and operational costs.

Target groups

  • Municipal processes
  • Chemical industrial processes
  • Pharmaceutical industrial processes
    • Upgrading existing WWTP
    • Groundwater / soil remediation
    • Pre treatment Step for water reuse
    • COD, Nitrogen and Phosphate removal

Biological purification

Hard degradable components, COD, Nitrogen and Phosphate removal. These biological technique is a solution for the removal of hard degradable components, COD, nitrogen and phosphate from wastewater.

The technology can be used as a system for the COD removal and nitrification, but also as a pre-denitrification system.


  • Reduced odor emissions
  • High purification efficiency
  • Compact design (up to 5 times smaller than a conventional plant)
  • Lower investment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reception of shock and lower taxes
  • Increased energy conservation
  • Increased nitrogen degradation
  • Highly robust
  • Sludge production (5 to 10 x less)
  • Ability to high suspended solids loads to work in the influent


The bacteria, which are responsible for the degradation of the contaminants in the water, attach themselves to the carriers. As a result, these bacteria, have a greater area to grow. The different bacteria cooperate in order to break down the dirt, so that the carrier material create a continuous treatment machine.

Due to this well-organized cooperation of bacteria does the sytem result in a higher treatment efficiency than for a standard activated sludge system. The carrier also has a storage function. Together with some other technical ingredients, this is a new unique sustainable technology.

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