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Clairplus Stone Purifies Air

Clairplus Stone Purifies AirThis stone called “Clairplus”, purifies the air. It breaks down 63 to 80% nitrous oxide (NOx and NO) from the air. This stone is one of the great, sustainable contributions to slow down global warming.

One square meter Clairplus purifies the air as much as a large tree does. 9 m2 reduces NOx as much as a normal car yearly emissions. Clairplus has a special coating of titanium dioxide.

We already knew that titanium dioxide breaks down nitrogen oxide influenced by sunlight. Usage in building materials is new. The coating functions as a catalyst: it changes the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrate, which is washed away by rainwater, just as plants do in nature.

NOx causes acid rain and smog.


MBI uses this patented technology for bricks and concrete stones which can be used for roads, gardens and parks.

It is possible to use 20,000 square meters of air-purifying stones in facades, streets and gardens in air pollutioned neighborhoods so cities get ‘green lungs of stones’.

  • Tests with air purifying paving stones in a street in Hengelo showed that the NOx concentrations throughout the day decreased with 19%
  • The stones used in Hengelo could break off 40 to 50 percent of the NOx
  • The Clairplus was also tested by professor Brewers in the reactor of the Technical University of Eindhoven which resulted in the purification of 63 percent

An additional advantage of stones with a coating of titanium dioxide is the self-cleaning ability. The stones retain the original color because the top layer will not be attached by dirt, algae and mosses.

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