Don’t spill a drop of water, collect rainwater

water storage capacity needs to be increased

water storage capacity needs to be increased

Aquaflow ‘RoofWater’ collects rainwater and stormwater from the roof of office buildings, parking garages and the courtyard.

The water is directed to the filtration system and storage cistern located in the underground of the building. Collected and filtered water is then stored so it can be reused. 


Rainwater on the roof must be quickly passed to the underlying storage; that’s why we use high demands on the pavement. This system is finished with special water passing or water permeable bricks.

These stones can dispose up to 4,500 liters of water per m2. Per hour a capacity 20 times higher than the norm!


Climate change, water harvesting and storage on garages and buildings

water storage on garages and buildings

The water passes through the stone by small indentations, which are not visible. A beautiful finish is guaranteed, but pavement with tiles, natural stone, asphalt, stone park or green roof are also possible. Take a look.

Climate change, green roofs, rainwater harvesting

Aquaflow rain water storage combination with green roofs

A harvesting system is a perfect addition to nearly any irrigation system.

Climate change, rainwater storage, water reuse, infrastructure in cities

Aquaflow water harvesting combination with asfalt and tarmac, especially for roads and garages

A properly designed system can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate your need for an outside water source for your irrigation system.

water harvesting system Aquaflow

Aquaflow rainwater harvesting system

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