Floating city is getting real

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Sustainable infrastructure of the future: Floating cities?

The first floating city may be established by 2020Climate change and rising river/coast levels: forget houseboats, try floating communities. The newest trend in real estate: building a home on top the water.

New nations

This Floating City Project combines principles of both seasteading and startup cities, by seeking to locate a floating city within the territorial waters of an existing nation. Historically, The Seasteading Institute has looked to international waters for the freedom to establish new nations and spur competitive governance from the outside.

This project offered an opportunity to develop a new urban nucleus of world-class residential, commercial and cultural facilities, as well as to promote a zero-carbon, energy-efficient and self-sufficient city. The proposal is now being reviewed by one of China’s largest property investors, China Transport Investment Co, for a project that could be built off of Hong Kong.

Floating architecture

This incredible ‘Floating City’, which spans four square miles, comes with its own dock, roadways and farms to make it completely self-sufficient. It would also feature vertical gardens, a hotel, entertainment complex and a huge floating arena which could host gigs and sports matches.

  • The building is made from hexagonal and triangular modules which connect together above and below the water using a series of walkways and tunnels.
  • The water world is dreamed up by British and Asian-based design firm AT Design Office and commissioned by Chinese construction firm CCCC
  • A series of canals connect the settlement together, meaning eco-friendly boats and submarines can provide most of the transportation.

Seastaeading investigated the DeltaSync design, and determined that DeltaSync’s concept is better adapted for the strategy of the Floating City Project, which encourages early seasteads to form within protected waters. In the future it will be important to do additional research on various components of DeltaSync’s design.

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AT Design Office
Architect: Siska Slavomir

Dutch Docklands
Contact person: Koen Olthuis