Pharmafilter: biological cleaned water saves millions

Pharmafilter is an integral concept for the healthcare, treatment of waste and purification of wastewater for hospitals.

This filter system saves hospitals thousands of dollars a year because:

  • the water is clean without species of medicals in it
  • the proces is much more efficient
  • easier for the patient and its nursing staff
  • there is more efficiency and hygiene in handling the hospital waste
  • less contact moments with contaminated waste
  • locally the solid waste and wastewater are processed, purified and stripped of all harmful substances for people, animals and the environment

Optimal processing, fermentation and disposal of waste and treatment of wastewater.

The installation of Pharmafilter processes and purifies the waste and sewage in the grounds of the hospital. The sewer connections have put a connection to the sewer.

Pharmafilter tontoThe Tonto grinds the waste of the hospital department. It closes with the foot pedal and then the waste is ground within the sealed container. After use container cleans and disinfect itself. After this treatment, the valve automatically opens and is ready for use again. The Tonto consumes 0.11 kWh and about 9 liters of water per flush.


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