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High Tech Pavilion built of residuals

High Tech Paviljoen built of rest materials

The hollow columns are designed to store rainwater.

To accelerate the Clean Tech Innovation, green architect GertJan Scholte has built a high tech pavilion of residuals in Amsterdam.


High Tech Pavilion

Building with bio-composites needs repetition – and therefore modular solutions – because the molds are expensive. 

High Tech Paviljoen built of rest materials

six-sided base of bio-composite material

Residuals as raw materials

The concept of Cradle to Cradle is about quality and innovation. It’s main focus is striving for a large positive impact. 

For the design of the pavilion, Scholte has chosen a six-sided base of bio-composite material. Supplemented with a triangle element.

The aim is to build a smart system for the collection of rainwater, with these elements. The hollow columns are designed to store rainwater.



More architects are experimenting with residuals and construction methods to contribute to a circular world. The engagement to a circular world is common. An example is the complete cradle to cradle business park 20 | 20 in Amsterdam.

Europe intents to develop a C2C Certified Community of Practice in Europe. The Europe government is facilitating a ‘living lab’ for industrial participants to learn, share, and collaborate, in order to identify opportunities and solutions for shared success.

Cradle to Cradle advantages

  • Products and processes are designed in such a way that materials remain available to humans and their natural environment
  • Products are designed so that the materials can be completely reused in the technical cycle
  • Products in the technical cycle must act as a high-quality raw material for new products in the technological domain
  • Absolutely no harmful waste substances may be released during the manufacturing process
  • Products are manufactured using circular energy sources
  • Continuous improvement required.

Criteria on 5 topics

  • Material health
  • Material reutilization & carbon management
  • Renewable energy use
  • Water stewardship
  • Social responsibility

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