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MobileFactory – Lego inspired Houses

MobileFactory Lego Inspired Houses

MobileFactory Lego Inspired Houses

MobileFactory: Lego inspired Houses for the homeless. It is time to demonstrate how to change the world!

Dangerous debris that destroys people’s lives and their surroundings will soon be transformed by The MobileFactory’s The Flying Dutchman into high-quality building materials for poor people to build their own safe, dignified homes.

After a disaster, the worldwide standard is moving from a home into a tent, while moving from a tent to a home is but an illusion, a dream. Together we can change this!

Social housing in Haiti

All aspects of the production and building process will be demonstrated and our pilot project in Haiti will be presented. In Haiti we will help 30 families build the Petit Paradis community: 23 homes, varying in size from 60 to 100 m. During construction the families receive a remuneration that can be used as a deposit for the house, their home. The houses will be managed by Haiti Housing Community S.A., the first social housing corporation in Haiti, founded in cooperation with our Haitian partners.


Happy Homes

Victims of war or natural disasters want their live back. Besides that, all people do want more. More space, more wealth and more food. We need to do something. Let’s try the circular economy. We offer you a great recycling project called Happy Homes.

Product innovation is much faster than system innovation. Let’s go for a durable and modular design. For mobility, housing and food. The result? Triple benefits:

  1. Carbon (when we go for circularity, our CO2 will lower from 68 to 17 in 2050)
  2. Jobs (the remanufacturing and recycling industries already account for about one million jobs in Europe and the US)
  3. Resources (our primary material consumption wil lower from 78 to 47 in 2050)

The economy needs a shifting demand to more labored modular design. This saves our carbon footprint.

On a global scale, the net savings from materials could reach $1 trillion a year.

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