Anne Koudstaal

Road From Recycled Plastic

VolkerWessels plastic road

Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma, the inventors of PlasticRoad, stated: Together with Wavin and Total, we now have a vast pool of knowledge, experience and resources, and can take concrete steps in the development of PlasticRoad. We expect to have a first prototype completed by year-end 2017

This plastic road is perfect for our sustainable community. VolkerWessels construction company introduced the concept Plastic Road; a concept of plastic that is circular, quick to apply and also hardwearing.

Road Advantages

Plastic offers lots of advantages both in construction and in the maintenance of roads.

  • It is maintenance free product
  • Barely wearable
  • The material is impervious to weather
  • Plastic is resistant to heavy frost and extreme heat
    Forty degrees of frost or eighty degrees above zero for plastic roads will be no problem

Recycled plastic

VolkerWessels claims that the modules will be build with 100 percent recycled material. Plastics are processed into ‘prefab’ road segments: industrial road sections which are completely transported to the new road. The road can be build in a short period of time. Moreover, because of the hollow structure there is room for other infrastructure such as cables, pipes and water.

Rotterdam pilot

The first candidate for a plastic road is the city of Rotterdam. That municipal wants to participate in a trial.

We are hoping to gain insight about the consequences for motorcyclists. What will be the grip of the plastic surfaces?


Win Win

“Sinking roads are a big problem in the Netherlands. That’s because the ground is so wet that roads get soaked, which makes them sink to such a degree that, in some cases, they have to be replaced after just three to four years.”

Plastic has a great advantage: It’s not only impermeable to water, but it’s also much lighter than asphalt. Plastic roads could be designed with integrated storm drains – a system that collects water during heavy downpours to release it later in a controlled fashion.

Prefabricated roads would be quick to build, reducing the time we spend in traffic jams. And a plastic road could go 50-100 years without maintenance. Compare that to conventional roads, which need to be replaced three times over every fifty years, on average.

Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma

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