Aquaflow WT Kolk stows more water at low cost

Stow more water at low cost

Heavy rainfall?

Street flooding that occurred during Hurricanes could become more common in the decades ahead. This Aquaflow solution helps cities keeping the streets dry.

In the first statewide climate change outlook for New York, scientists say that the state may suffer disproportionate effects in coming decades compared with other regions, due to its geography and geology.

The report paints a harsh picture, including possible extreme temperature and sea-level rises, downpours, droughts and floods. The changes are projected to affect nearly every region and facet of the economy by the 2080s, from ski resorts and dairy farms to New York City’s subways, streets and businesses.

Stow more water at low cost

This water stow solution avoids the overflow of the streets in your city.

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Global warming is not evenly distributed; because of its northerly latitude, New York has already warmed 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 40 years. More than twice the global average. The report projects a further 1.5 to 3-degree rise by the 2020s; 3 to 5.5 degrees by the 2050s; and 4 to 9 degrees by the 2080s. Winters will be milder, and summers will see more extreme heat waves and droughts, say the researchers.

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