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Tocardo Tidal Turbines

Tocardo Tidal Turbines

Tocardo Tidal Turbines

Tocardo is one of the world’s leading producers of tidal turbines. We are fully aware of the huge challenge our world is facing in replacing the need for fossil fuels in the coming decades.

Tidal and river energy are among the key sources of renewable energy available on our planet. We are harvesting this energy and working to provide clean and sustainable energy for future generations.

Tocardo for rivers and oceans

Tocardo’s range of water turbines provides cost-competitive, reliable and predictable electricity. Our strong focus on simplicity, minimized maintenance requirements and maximized power generation has resulted in a scalable, proven technology that has been grid connected for more than four years.

The turbines consist of a permanent magnet direct drive generator and a patented bi-directional reversible rotor blades design, developed, manufactured and installed in close cooperation with major industry partners.


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