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With Ecobeach tubes Dutch beaches grow significant

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Ecobeach sand supply on the beach

Ecobeach saves billions of euro’s.

Annually the Netherlands sand supply about twelve million cubic meters to maintain the coastline.

This costs the society millions of euro’s, and this will only increase in the future.

Ecobeach is a positive tested alternative. In four years in test areas at Egmond at Sea, the tubes proved a beach grow by 150,000 cubic meters of sand.


Ecobeach tubes ensures natural silting making the beach wider and drier. In test sections in the longitudinal direction for approximately 100 meters installed 10 vertical drainage pipes in the sea direction about 10 meters apart. These tubes remain about 25 inches below the surface.

Highest level ever

The trial started in October 2006 and lasted four years. In total there are more than 600 drainage tubes. In late February 2011, the drainage tubes removed and showed the amount of sand on the beach at the highest level ever recorded. (In 1965, the annual coastal measurements started).









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