Power-to-gas: an option for the energy system of the future?

The Netherlands

From wind-energy to gas. It’s a great opportunity for the Dutch 

The Netherlands had always a lot of gas in the North East but the gas is decreasing. Since a few years, renewable energy is growing fast with solar panels and wind parks. But storage of electricity remains a question.

ECN examined the role of power-to-gas in the Dutch energy system of the future.

Power-to-Gas (P2G) is a technique in which electrical energy is converted by electrolysis gas. A way to store renewable energy.

ECN: “What we need to look in the Netherlands is the energy which is most beneficial for us. And how does P2G connect with our ambition in 2050 to have a CO2-free energy Netherlands. Electrolysis can indeed help to preserve renewable energy. P2G also helps sectors who are ‘addicted’ to traditional fuels as oil and gas”

Not the cheapest storage option, but important technology

The future energy system in the Netherlands must be flexible. No day is the same. There is the model furnished. Backups, storage and other flexibility options, the energy sector must can response to energy peaks and low use in energy supply from wind and sun. Power-to-gas is not the cheapest option because the equipment is expensive. So you have to make a lot of hours of electrolysis to maintain affordable. P2G is mainly a new technology for the future because of it’s large potential for CO2-free energy. And in addition, there is a solution to the increasing need to replace natural gas and oil with renewable sources.


More information? check ecn.nl/publicaties, they will publish soon.



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