PowerWindow saves up to 50%

PowerWindow generates energy

PowerWindows work in direct and indirect light; under any angle towards the sun

The PowerWindow is a fully transparent and colorless electricity-generating window.

Imagine: You are looking out of your window knowing that the same window is recharging your electric car in the garage at the same time. How perfect should that be? 

It’s already possible.

PowerWindows are patented, transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects about 30% of the incoming light, we instead collect that with our coating on the outside windowpane, transport it through the glass and convert it at our solar cell strips inside the window frame. High-performance photovoltaic glass units powering your building, isn’t that great?

In Europe governmental regulations force that every commercial and governmental building construction or renovation has to be energy neutral by 2020. Given that the average lead-time of such projects is 3-4 years, this is something commercial real estate developers are confronted with today.

Conventional solar panels are limited to the relatively small roof surface area and alternatives so far are intrusive or costly.

PowerWindow is world’s first scalable and cost-efficient technique that uses the endless and unused glass window surfaces to help make these buildings energy neutral allowing the real estate developers to comply with the regulations.

Launging customers

The first windows will be installed in June in the Netherlands. There have been several meetings with interested parties in Dubai.

Transparant PowerWindow

Two students at the Technical University of Delft, developed the PowerWindow that catches light with a special coating, convert it into invisible light and transport it to the side where solar cell strips convert it into electricity,

According to the desire of the customer the electrical efficiency, transparency and isolation values can be produced to fit a specific project. PowerWindows will enable users to be in close contact with the conversion of light into electricity while at home, at work or traveling.

Combined with a thermal storage system, PowerWindows can save up to 50% of the total energy demand (electricity and heating) when renovating conventional commercial buildings, and up to 100% of new constructed commercial buildings.

Nano coating

The few hundred nanometer thick coating consists of an industry standard host-crystal, doped with a 3% concentration of our luminescent material. The material absorbs uniformly over the entire spectrum of the UV and visible light and emits in the near-infrared, so there is no overlap between the absorption and emission spectrum.

As a result the coating is colorless and has no self-absorption, resulting in the first scalable and power-efficient LSC.

In fact, by increasing the size of a PowerWindow one decreases the price per square meter, since the relative ratio between collection (low-cost) and conversion (high-cost) surface increases.

PowerWindows work in direct and indirect light; under any angle towards the sun because the collection of light happens in our coating independent of orientation and the conversion of light into electricity happens at the solar cell strips in the window-frame automatically perpendicular.


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