Prefabricated modular sustainable skyscraper build in 19 days

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Sustainable Building – a construction company based in Changsha, China – records time-lap, building a skyscraper in 19 days

In China, an ultramodern skyscraper has been build within 19 days.

The building can handle earthquakes, and is build with many sustainable materials.

Named ‘The Mini Sky City’, has 57 floors and 180,000 square meters for 800 apartments and offices.


Throughout the property, bikes and scooters can drive a 3.6-kilometer Sky Street. After 19 days, the skyscraper was delivered completely furnished. The construction company has made a movie of the construction of the building with the title: “Three floors a day, the new normal in China.”


You may ask why in a hurry, and is it safe? The statistics in the video can put you in good faith. Prefabricated modular buildings has many advantages over conventional buildings. 

  • Higher precision in fabrication (+/- 0.2mm).
  • More coordinated on-site construction management.
  • Shorter construction time span.
  • Lower construction waste.
  • Also many other health and energy features are included in Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB)



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