Prepping for the ‘New Normal’ (weather patterns)

On BetterWorldSolutions you see top solutions that influence the world

On BetterWorldSolutions you see top solutions that influence the world!

Here at BetterWorldSolutions we want to bring you ‘good news’. And we offer marketing power for ‘good news’. Good news on the ingenuity of mankind, our stamina and creativity, our adaptive capacities. ‘Good news’ in contrast to: wars, conflicts, raised tension and powerplay, but foremost of course good news in relation to climate change. But is the opposite real? Are things that bad concerning climate change?

Well, it is still disputed whether the changing of the worldwide weather patterns is caused by humans or not, but that the climate is changing has nowadays become a science fact instead of forecast.

(Note: lecturer Peter Sinclair and his presentation center the American continent, but the Jetstream crosses also the Atlantic Ocean and also similar high altitude air currents exist in the Southern Hemisphere.

So there it is, climate change is real and here to stay. It is the New Normal. Especially in the Autumn and Springtime on both hemispheres, the weather is tough, wild, and more unpredictable since humans recorded weather.

Pretty scary ay? And certainly not good news at all, you could say. But the darker the night, the brighter the stars sparkle. Which stars in this perspective? Well, our ingenuity, our stamina, our creativity, and our adaptive capacities.

On this platform you will find in real-time mankind’s good news, the latest products on Water, Energy and Sustainability and blogs about our preparations, on the bad effects of climate change.

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